About us

Our mission is to provide independent and highly responsive services to handle the growing complexity of client affairs against a background of ever-increasing regulatory and fiscal tightening. The founder shareholders have been at the forefront of our business since inception, ensuring quality control in all areas, from client servicing to recruitment.

VIRTUS has facilities for handling any case in a number of reputable trust jurisdictions. The group’s headquarters and centre of administration are located in Guernsey (Channel Islands) with other companies and facilities in New Zealand, Cayman Islands and United Kingdom. We are almost unique as an independent non-US trust group in having a full US trust licence in South Dakota. The US capability enables VIRTUS Trust’s style and skills to be applied to those cases where a US trustee is essential for fiscal reasons or where asset protection is needed. The group also has mutual cooperation agreements with a trust company in each of Switzerland and Bermuda.

A key differentiator for VIRTUS in the fiduciary marketplace is the high level of informed interaction with our clients and advisers, backed up by financial monitoring and reporting. We employ qualified and experienced staff as client- facing executives combining the variety of disciplines which allow VIRTUS to achieve the historic and planned continuity of management and staff.

As a highly efficient and experienced independent fiduciary group we have a clear focus as to where the future of the private wealth business is leading. As increasing transparency of private wealth is required by governments we intend to be in the vanguard of service provision to the new generation of private clients seeking sophisticated services where complex activities can be handled on a timely but careful basis, something larger institutions are finding hard to deliver. This is where VIRTUS excels. A measure of VIRTUS’ rapid success with its formula came as early as 2009 when we won the leading Society of Trust and Estate Practitioner (STEP) award as the best Independent Trust Company of the year and were nominated again for the same category in 2013.

The following are a selection of comments received from clients or advisers in respect of VIRTUS’s services and capabilities:

Virtus Trust provides first-rate fiduciary services and, for an historically foreign trust company, has an unparalleled US trust company offering.
New York Attorney
Thoroughly professional - Virtus Trust are happy to make the sort of difficult decisions trustees sometimes are called upon to take which some shy away from.
London Solicitor
My wife works for XXX private bank. I mentioned to her one evening that we were working with Virtus on something. She responded that your firm handles one of her most important Mexican clients, and that your service level is excellent. She noted that your team is always highly professional, and that your turn-around time on requests is nearly instantaneous at any hour. I should add that she is far more demanding than I am...
US Banker
Virtus Group has a unique platform that is desirable for international clients.
Naples, Florida Attorney
I have worked with Virtus since soon after their establishment close to a decade ago, having worked with the founders before for many years. And it is exactly for the rare combination of trustworthiness and financial wisdom that our family office is so satisfied with Virtus. They provide the rigour, experience and knowledge that other trustees, in our view, often just don’t have.
International Client, New York
Outstanding trustee; uniquely professional; refreshingly sensitive and understanding. Virtus is at the top of my go-to-list of trustees and I frequently recommend Virtus to clients of all nationalities.
New York Attorney
I must confess I have never come across a more efficient and customer-friendly organisation in all my years' experience of 3 different trust companies. P has had masses to do behind the scenes, no doubt, but regardless, my countless emails have been answered by return. We have now been under Virtus' care for over a year and a half and I cannot stress how stress-free our dealings with your team have been. “The more one looks into it the more astonishing the turn around which you have brought about becomes. You said on the phone that it wasn't difficult to shine in comparison with the previous trustee but even so, what you have achieved is remarkable.
UK Client